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Bulk Cable Solutions:

Bulk cable gets no respect. It toils anonymously, hidden behind walls, or even underground. It delivers sound, pictures, and data throughout the house, and no one’s the wiser. As opposed to more glamorous components such as HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and even out-of-wall interconnects, an end-user can go years without glimpsing one of their own bulk cables.

We, on the other hand, take bulk cable so seriously, we built four of our own factories to design, engineer, and manufacture the  industry’s most reliable, high-performance, environmentally-friendly cables. We control the materials and performance – using only impurity-free, virgin copper and polymers. We control the environmental friendliness: our cables, boxes, reels, and labels exceed RoHS requirements. We even control the cable payout into your hands, with unique, installer-friendly box/reel designs.

Bulk Cable Solutions